Using ItWorks Wraps

The way I came across the ItWorks system was slightly awkward but I am glad it happened. I was at work one day and ran into a co-worker I had not seen in close to three months. When I first came around the corner I did not recognize him. This man had dropped a significant amount of weight, an extreme amount really. Me being overly blunt and lacking any filter immediately walked up to him and asked, “you are rail thin, are you on drugs?” Well, probably not a great start to the conversation, especially with a co-worker I hadn’t spoken with in months. (That’s what happened though). After removing the puzzled and slightly offended look off his face and telling me that he, in fact, was not on drugs he enlightened me to the secret of his weight loss success.

“My wife sells the ItWorks stuff and I have been using it.” then he walked about nonchalantly. Well shortly after his wife sent me a message on Facebook and explained a bit of it to me. Seeing his 60 lbs weight loss made me think, well hey I got 60 lbs I’d love to take off. For 100$ why not give it a try. In order to get the most bang for my buck, and be able to get wholesale prices, I became a distributor. I bought a 4 pack of the ItWorks wraps and it came with a bonus 4 pack of mini defining gels. Within four days I had my wraps and was ready to go.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or if it would work. I had been told to drink plenty of water and that it worked best with diet and exercise, but I did not add or do anything else because I wanted to see what the Wraps did themselves without any other influences. Well, now I am hooked and can’t wait to use the rest of the ItWorks products and systems. it works 2

Okay, I don’t think it would be fair to tell you how great I think it works without showing my results (please don’t be rude I’m self-conscious). At the same time, I guess its okay because it’s online anyway lol.

it works