Did you gain some weight?

You ever have those moments that really shake you and you say,  wow I really gotta change this? Well, I had one today. Now as you learned in my intro I’ve gained a chunk of weight the last few months.  I’ve complained about it some and said I needed to change it. Yet here I sit, with some chips and no plan…
Today I went to take pictures of a job or crew is working on.  Great day,  feeling good. Get there and the crew is on lunch.  I like that because it means I can sit and chat with the crew a bit which I love. During today’s chat, one of our guys looked at me and said, “you’ve gained some weight huh? ” I laughed and said, “ya I have, thanks for pointing it out.”  He back peddled a bit but I knew he meant no harm just made an observation. Well, that was my moment.
Since I see me every day,  as does my husband, and my office co-workers, it is not as noticeable to them.  It is noticeable to  someone who hasn’t seen me in a few months. This light heated conversation made me realize I need to make a change.  (I imagine it was worse last month before I lost the 16 lbs with the wraps). So back to the ItWorks stuff and probably some diet and exercise.
I have to take a stand and make my choice.  I am ready to change!! (Imagine me standing up with a first pump up in the air for dramatic effect.)
Whose with me?


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