I have 4 blogs and maybe you should too

I created my first blog learn4understanding for a college course yeas ago and fell in love with it. Writing about something I am passionate about, autism. After some time. I wanted to write about other things rolling in my head. Here is where I felt torn. It started simply  with related topics such as being a person not just a parent, and some crafts that I might like to do with my kids.

I needed more. What about work, tattoos, philosophy? When I thought about blogs I really enjoyed, they all had a consistent theme and sense of unity. In order to keep my blog cohesive, I had to start a new one. I figured, why stop at one more? Why not have a place for each facet of myself? This skillets me talk about all the topics I like, but not hinder my cites from developing target audiences.

The page you are on now is actually a bit of a catch all. If it can gain an audience being my random thought bubble  maybe I’m won’t about  theme and targeting. (that is actually why it is called tester). I have a work cite, religion cite, autism cite I and this random ramble. Although,  I fell the this one is developing a health and beauty feel.



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