Is this content the right kind?

Being new to blogging I feel like I have far more questions than ideas. I’ve gone through the Web and reattached and read about catchy titles,& frequency and content. What is the point in having a blog if no one reads it or likes it? I have a billion things in my head all the time, and I’m sure you do to. How do you ferret out what are topics to write on? This is what I have found so far:
Is it something useful to the reader?Tips, tricks or information that will benefit the reader are valuable things to share.
Is it uplifting or motivational? All of us enjoy a good touchy feely human interest piece now and again.
Does it make you question or ponder something deeper? Or inspire action?
I know when I read I look for things that make me feel or that pushes me.
Is it funny or relatable? We all like knowing that other people go through the same struggles and that we aren’t as messed up as we might think. (Or maybe we are, but other people are too). It’s nice to identify with others and feel connected to something bigger.

All of the “masters” & professionals say to write 5 days out if the week initially to get content and readers. They give you titles to think on and topics. My problem is I don’t want to be fake, or unoriginal. On the flip side I don’t want to be so wacky that people see my crazy and can’t relate to my blog.

I guess at first, lots of content then figure out my audience based on likes and readers and create something more tailored.

Or I’ll just keep putting my thoughts out as they come and see what happens. Maybe there is another odd duck just like me looking to connect.


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