30 days to a Better Life

Today, after working a little on my 30-day guide to better self-awareness, I completed 105 squats as part of my 30-day squat challenge.  Then after choosing the baseball game (which our son’s team won) I thought about the content I would write for my 30-day blog challenge.  I am actively trying to keep up with 4 different 30-day challenges.  Have you ever stopped and thought about how many 30 day solutions there are?  30-day diet fix,  30-day meal plans,  30 days to a clutter free home,  30 days to financial success. .why 30 days?

Well if you’re anything like me, it’s  because you want quick results.  Not only that but 30 days does not seem like a long time to commit to something.  This makes the risk of failure far less. If you meet the goal then hey, bonus! People get restless or unhappy and they look for something to take away that feeling for them quickly.

The problem with short-term effort, though,  is that most of the time it will only result in short-term benefits. The 30-day squat challenge I am doing is a great example. Let me start by saying,  I don’t exercise.  As an adult I quit doing as much physical activity, I am not required to do any for my job.  I joined the squat challenge because my coworkers were doing it.  I saw it as a team building tool more than anything, if my ass looks better by summer that’s awesome.  We will have 30 days of intensive squats.  My legs burn like fire daily.  What happens at the end of those 30 days?  I stop doing squats.  If I go back to my sedentary life I will get back that jiggle in my bum and thighs that I have been working to shave off. The same is true of most 30 day challenges.  How long will your results hold?  Not long.
30 day challenges are great, for building momentum.  The goal is to give you a strong start.  When you’re on a bike you peddle fast and hard at first to get speed. After that, all that’s required is an occasional few peddles to keep you moving.  As good as it sounds, there are no real 30 day solutions.  There are 30 day fast starts that require periodic maintenance to sustain. Think about your next 30-day challenge or task as a jumping off point to get you moving. Remember though you do have to maintain it.  Right now I have so many 30 day plans, I don’t know if I can maintain everything long term and stay balanced. I think the squats will be first to go…


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