Habits of the Anti-Gun Folks

Today I watched a video (the link is below) that was not at all what I thought it would be. The title- Watch this 14 Year Old Give an Anti-Gun Speech  really threw me for a loop and I thought, “What does a 14-year-old know about Anti-Gun?” followed up quickly with, “Oh no I wonder if he killed a family member..”

Just to set you at ease the video is not about pistols it is about procrastination.

“The Gun that kills the most people is the “Gonna”. Really powerful stuff. I have so many things that I put off and I think some day or one day I am gonna do this…

Why do we keep putting things off? What are we waiting for? If we never step out of our comfort zone how can we hope to achieve and reach the heights we dream of? I feel like this is where I am stuck at. A restless point of wanting more but being afraid to venture. Being unsure of my abilities. it is a miserable feeling. I no longer want to be trapped by “Gonna”. I’ve decided I am the only one that can get me out of this feeling and it starts by taking action.

Whatever your dream is, start today. Take a small step to make something happen.

Write down your goals every morning and make actions towards them even if they are small.

Don’t be afraid to branch out into unknown waters. All great things start with someone taking a chance and making a change. Now I know with life responsibilities quitting your job and backpacking around the US might not be practical, but what steps can you take to get there or prepare yourself for that?

It doesn’t have to change the world, just help to change your own life

Be Anti-Gun


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