How Quotes can Inspire your Day

More often than not, it seems as though our days are just a string of routine tasks and mundane Mondya through Friday monotony. Get up, get coffee, go to work, home, dinner, tv, bed (or something similar). Maybe you go to the gym or some other fun activity (if so you are more ahead of the game than some of us). When you go through life just going through the motions it becomes far easier to miss out on the exquisite details of your life and the exciting opportunities you may have around you. It becomes more common place for our minds to just run on auto-pilot, for our souls to become complacent.

Every so often we wake up and wonder how we got to this pace of boredom, our hearts resteless for somethign we can’t identify. I know I get there sometimes (I’m just waking up again after what seems like a long dull silent film that has been my life). The stirring started gradually until I reached a point where I ached for something new, something exciting. That is where I am now, searching for that thing.

Change is a process, in order to change you have to be unhappy enough with how things are that you want something different. From there you can make a plan and make it happen. I do not want a boring life, I do not want to be boring, I do not want to blend in. (I have moved past my precontemplation and contemplation now I am in the planning phases. What life do I want, what does it look like? I’m still working those pieces out, but writing something every day is getting me closer. To move my brain I start my day with a quote. Something to lift me up or to make me think. I downloaded an app on my phone (there are several) that will send me an inspirational quote every morning. Then I write a short few sentences (a paragraph) about how it makees me feel or what it means. This ets me engaged and promotes a creative air through my whole day.

Do you feel restless? Are you ready to infuse some passion into your day? Give it a try with me.



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