My hubby and I are wrapping it up

For the last two months I have been using the ItWorks wraps. (I’ve talked about them a few times in this blog). I have lost 30 pounds now and 5 sizes!


I became a distributor so I could share this with other people.  My husband had always supported everything I have done, and this was no different. Today my husband even agreed that he wanted to do the wraps with me!! (With how defined he already is, it’s going to be amazing).
Couples do well when they have a shared goal and shared activities.This gives a shared sense of excitement and something the two of you can bond over. Even something as simple as these wraps. We took each others before and after photos, placed wraps on each other and laughed and played the whole time.  The idea of getting toned and sexy for each other made it even better. 


No matter what you choose to do,  do something together.  Share an activity,   go on a hike,  diet together. . Something 🙂


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