Wii sports is cheating

Okay,  this blog is going to be short.  I was not going to write at all but I promised myself I would write something every day.  Today I worked,  coached a winning baseball team and then unwound at home.  I sat and painted (badly) with my daughter. 


Then listened to the buzz of Wii fitness.  My son had been playing earlier.  I grabbed the remote to turn it off, then I bowled instead.  Soon enough my husband joined me too. We bowled,  we played tennis,  we played golf and we boxed! (I lost all of them). Not only did I play with my husband but I worked my muscles at the same time.  Did I sweat? No. Did I exert myself,  yes. I counted this as an ultra light work out. (Unlike Just Dance, which is full body exercise). I did something physical while playing with my husband.  Winning.  Workout out may not be full speed every time.  The trick is just to do something. 


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