Marry Well to be Successful

When I was little I remember my mother jokingly saying, Tamara Jean marry a man with money. Back then it had made me chuckle but I feel like part of it also stuck with me. The idea of finding a man that could take care of me, spoil me and give me everything I wanted. Well I did what most adults did, I fell in love and got married. He was not well off, as a matter of fact we were young and flat broke. We struggled but that was okay. Over the course of nearly a decade though we grew up and we grew into very different people with very different ideas and different futures. Neither of us were successful in love or money.

We did not marry well. Now six years into my second marriage, I can solidly tell you that I have finally married well. By marrying well though, I don’t mean marry someone with money. Marrying well is about compatibility, finding that person that knows your heart song and carries the same tune. People are successful when they are encouraged and supported. When they are not afraid to leap and to take chances. This is what it is to marry well.

For example, lets say I am a painter. If my partner put down my work, or didn’t allow me to paint when they were home, I probably would not paint very much would I? Now say my partner constantly encouraged me to paint and to sell my work and get out there. Do you think I would have a different outcome or outlook on my abilities? Um, ya I would.

Partner selection is critical to being successful (any partnership you have really, not just marriage). Look for someone who supports your ideas and passions, endorses your whims and lets you truly be you. The most successful people in the world got that way because they believed something crazy and ran with it. They were truly authentic to themselves and their dream. Surrounding yourself with those willing to let you indulge your fancies and dream bigger is the key to being successful.


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