White pants approved?

Last week I did my ItWorks 2 day cleanse.  For those that have been following my page,  I started my weightloss journey with ItWorks two months ago. 
I wanted to get my confidence back and feel better.  With the wraps I got tone and lost inches much faster than I expected. I hit a plateau and just felt kind of blah. The cleanse has been on back order for months and as soon as it was available, I ordered it as quickly as possible. 
I waited my 9 days and then my lovely package came to my mailbox!

All products come with inspirational name badge

I was somewhat nervous about how it worked,  how I’d feel and that it was hoping to leave me bathroom bounds for two days like a Taco Bell buffet. Despite my fear, I resolved to start my cleanse the next morning.
The cleanse bottles are lighter than I thought, and the liquids itself has a bit of a fizz to it. It had a slight spicy taste (peppery) which I thought was very refreshing! I filled a huge water container and went to work apprehensive of a day in the bathroom.


The day went great though! I felt awesome and ready to take on the day. I normally pee every 4 to 6 hours in a day. With the cleanse I did pee every 2 to 3 hours (could have been all the water).
Dinner was more the same. No night time jitters, just good.
Day 2 I was not nervous anymore,  I worked and felt good. The whole process I was not glued to the toilet.  (Although I did think being a detox, and a cleanse product, I should have at least gone to the bathroom a little more than normal,  but no). The next day I used my wrap like I normally do. The whole process made me feel awesome. I couldn’t believe how great my results are! I felt great the whole time and it moved me past my plateau!


*NOTEEveryone’s results are different. Yes mine are real, yes other people have similar results, yes results vary.


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