Save 900 dollars a month!

On my way back from a work meeting this morning I let my mind swirl for a second on my present situation. Which I will say is a bit rough. I have had three really large unexpected bills roll through my home in the last 2 months which caused me to get behind on everything else and just snow ball. Now it seems no matter what I do I can’t seem to catch up and get free from the shit that I am currently wallowing in. It is a horrible place to be and an awful feeling to constantly stress about money. It is exhausting. On my drive today it was like a light went off in my head. I don’t have to live this way I just have to change what I am doing. I am the issue. I spend needlessly, I don’t budget and I am careless with my money. I am the reason I work two jobs and am constantly late on my bills. No more. I have decided that will no longer be my life or my situation. In order to do this, I have to make a plan. I need to save money and create a budget.

    1. Cut out the morning coffees! Almost every morning I go to this cute little coffee cart on my way to work in the morning. I visit  Lisa from Kel’s Kickstart and get a tepid vanilla latte with 2 extra shots for 5.00 and I tip her 2.00. I do this six days a week. I just love her and love my coffee to get my day going on a happy note. Funny thing though, I have a great little Keurig machine and a regular coffee pot. Time to start making my own coffee in the morning.
    2. Pack lunches (or dinners if you work swing shift).  I hate getting up in the morning. So very much. I sleep until the very last possible moment. This means that I regularly leave work with only five minutes to spare and no food to be had. Some days I can push through without eating anything all day but lately not so much. This means that I am buying lunch. Even if I go to Safeway or gas station deli (although normally I go to fast food) I am still looking at 10$ Given I don’t see me getting up any earlier this will mean packing my lunch the night before. As well as some meal replacement or snack bar options for the days I forget (I know there will be some)
    3. Buy Groceries and Eat at Home. This one I feel will actually be the hardest for me to do. I do not have a ton of time and with 4 kids in sports, I am constantly running from place to place. Due to this, I often fall victim to the quick and easy fast food or even just grabbing some ready to eat or microwave stuff from the store. With 4 kids a trip to Dairy Queen is easily 40$. In addition to that since I work two jobs weekends are normally “eat out” days. Our family of 6 eating out at a restraunt on Sunday morning is roughly 90$. As much as I like taking my family out, cutting it down to once a month will save me 300!!!
    4. Cut down the drinking,smoking, junks… I love wine. More specfically wine and sprite mixed together. I find it a wonderfully relaxing way to unwind at night. At the same time, it is an expensive habit that serves no real function. I buy a bottle of wine every 2 days and a 2 liter of Sprite to go with it. That is 12$ every two days on drinking. For what? It serves no purpose. Same is true if you are a smoker (5$ a day) Cutting out extra junk such as my wine will save me 40$ a week! A week!
    5. Shop thrify.

I have a very love hate relationship with shopping. I love to get new things but I hate going to stores. I get super self-conscious and just leave irritated and with no clothes. I buy everything online and have joined a few monthly subscription shipping sites. While I enjoy the lack of store I spend a ton and have to send back a bunch of stuff. Forty dollars for one dress though, unnecessary. I need to either find cheaper sites or actually go shopping. Thrift store shopping? Could be fun.

  1. Cut out the extras! All of these are unnecessary expenses that take away from the money I have to pay my
    1. So let’s break that down-
      • 7×6=      42
      • 9×3=      27
      • 55×2=   110
      • 12×3=    36

That right there is 215.00 a week on shit that serves me no purpose!! That is 860$ a month!!! Then my 40$ shopping bill per month makes 900$$ savings. That is 2 car payments and insurance!!!



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