Whittling the Middle

Okay week one with the Triple Threat is in the books! As predicted the water was definitely the hardest part. (I only met my water goal 3 of 7 days) I take my Greens in the morning along with the Thermofit and I go about my day but I keep two fat fighter pills in my pocket. 

Greens and Thermofit

Because I’m really bad about planning my meals I end up eating out quite a bit during lunch at work because I didn’t pack anything. Some days I go to Safeway and get a salad or something healthy. Many days I get fast food. This last week I had; salad 3 days for lunch, no lunch one day, and fast food 2 days. On the days when I have salad (or something healthy) I save my fat fighter and have a larger more gluttonous dinner. 

Some exercise has begun also. My friend and I are doing a push-up challenge so I am doing a push-up a day   (I added a couple extra so I’m now at 12 push ups) and we add one more push up a day now.

Push ups

 As for the walks with my husband I promised I would do we walked 3 out of 7 days. Two of the was were very short walks half a mile 3/4 mile…. maybe. 

Today is Monday one of my very favorite days. I know it’s weird but I like the idea of starting fresh setting new goals and achieving new things each week. So I did my Monday weigh-ins about half hour ago and this is what I got. 

How to measure

35, 37 1/2, and 39!! I honestly was not expecting it to be quite that much. When I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror I don’t really see changes. This is as true of everyone though because you look at yourself several times a day so gradual change you just assimilate throughout the days.  As a recap from last week’s weight: 

That’s two inches off each measurement in a week!!! 🙆 tomorrow starts week 2. I’m pumped. This week I’m going to try much harder to meet my water goals and hopefully walking goals. By doing those things I can accelerate my results! 

Thanks for checking out my journey like I said in my last week’s post you can do the same thing that I’m doing. Either just personally losing weight and getting fit, or losing weight and earning a side income while you do it. Ask me how, comment and I’ll give you the scoop!


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