Beer is not an effective weightloss tool

Oh this week!  This last week I have spent in Conneticut with my team from work in training.  Along with intensive department trainings, the training was littered with inspirational speakers,  athletes,  and uplifting activities.  Of all the classes and groups, the true blessing of convention was the relationships forged. For example, this week I roomed with our accountant. I dreaded the idea as soon as I knew.  (She is pushy, she is mean,  she is rude..etc etc other mean characteristics). Not long after our connecting flight, I realized I might be wrong. Our chats were light, sweet, and she was funnier than I thought. My thoughts shifted entirely when she threw back her third Patron while we played pool. 

I got to brainstorm and chat with several people I don’t see regularly in my day to day, and left with ideas that will change the way I work.  I slacked in my water drinking and also ate a ton (excessive and heavy catered meals). Water is what I am worst at.  Aside from the 8oz I used with my Greens each morning,  I drank very little water. Then drank beers with my coworkers each night before bed.  Not good. I think I may have canceled out inches I may have lost last week! 😅 Now that I’m home let’s hope i can get back on track quickly.  I took measurements today, today was 3 weeks on Triple Threat. (I can’t remember what I measured at the end of week one-I’ll edit this post in a few after I check) 


It’s a 12 week challenge and I’m only 3 weeks in though so I’m feeling pretty good. 🙂

*Edit- End of week one I measured at: 

So with the horrid eating and the beer I didn’t see much change between weeks one and week 3 (half an inch around my belly button is still pretty good though). This week I will do better though. 


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