Tripping on my Toes

​This was today.

  I am not feeling very well and so today felt very much like just trying to stay above water.  I couldn’t focus at work so I felt very unproductive,  I just sat down when I got home instead of cleaning and such. Then after dinner I read some of my personal development book but not much.  I read to my son  to help him fall asleep,  then struggled through my work out before falling in bed feeling defeated. I came across this great post from a friend and had to share it.  

You can be trucking along in life, feeling like the powerful majestic badass you are,  and still have a shitty day.  Still be a little off or a little less than stellar,  it doesn’t diminish your badassery. Those moments keep us humble,  laugh em off. It’s the tricky bits, the setbacks and the stumbled that will be the juiciest parts of your success story. I’m gonna sleep and get back to me being epic, tomorrow.

  #businessboldly #fellflattoday #ImADiamond


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