Thirty pounds of Confidence

Okay so thus far with most of my blog post recently I’ve just been kind of chatting with you guys about my results with ItWorks. Which is all well and good, and I feel like that’s important, but I think today I wanted to reflect a little bit more. The results that I’m getting are not just a physical thing, they are just as much mental as they are physical. The whole reason that I started doing it works at all was because I felt unattractive. I didn’t want have sex with my husband anymore. I didn’t want to go clothes shopping. I didn’t want to go out in general. They say that “like attracts like” and what you think about is what you drawn to you. I felt ugly, I felt unwanted, I felt shunned, and sure enough it affected my attitude and  brought those things into my life.

 I fought with my husband regularly. One of the main points of contention was that he thought I didn’t want him anymore. (Because I didn’t want to have sex anymore thinking I looked like a troll.) We fought almost daily. I was cranky because nothing felt right, nothing looked right, and I just generally felt low. A co-worker had amazing results with It Works so I told his wife to hit me up. At this point I was pretty desperate to try anything. I was super super skeptical though. Given that I’ve spent a hundred bucks on a Mexican dinner, I figured it was worth a shot at least. 

Within I’d say two weeks,  going into the third week, I started to see huge changes in my body.  I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks!! Who does that?  I started to feel better about myself. I started to feel excited everyday. I started to  have a little pep in my step again.  I lost 8 inches, and started to be able to fit and some of my smaller jeans. After that I was hooked. 

 I wanted to tell everyone I have ever met, and everyone I knew, about It Works and the great things that it was doing in my life. It got to the point where I started to feel sexy again.  Just as I wrote earlier,  like attracts like. My relationship with my husband started to improve again.  Getting  back to my old self, I felt like I could hold my head up, and I was talking to people again. 

In the first 3 months I started I lost 30 pounds. I don’t know how many of you have lost 30 pounds in a short time frame but it’s quite a life change. It changes how you feel about yourself,  and how you see yourself fundamentally. From using the wraps I lost the loose skin and all the weight I thought I could from that. The next 90 day Challenge was the triple threat program  I’m losing inches and inches. I’m down almost another two sizes, and I have more energy in the day. I have more stamina, and I feel happy pretty much all the time. In addition to that, I was so in  love with It Works, and so passionate about it, I became a distributor. I told people my story.  How happy I am,  and I’m making money with it. I get paid to lose weight and tell people about it. That’s pretty awesome!

 It’s a lifestyle choice now.  Just pushing myself to see if I will get back to where I was prior to having children. I don’t know if I can, I don’t really even know if I want to be that small again. I feel like I could be if I chose to. More importantly, it’s given me confidence.  Given me believe that I can do things that I didn’t think that I could. I run my own business now thanks to ItWorks.  I’m getting ready to start my dream business because I feel brave enough to do so. 

My life is expanding and becoming richer, and fuller, because I tried this.  I’m fortunate to have this and I wish I could share with everybody. I wish more people where open to the idea, to the opportunity. It seems like so many people are skeptical because it’s multi-level marketing. That’s a bad way to look at it-I hate the term. It is direct sales,  just like any other company. You have your salesman, they get a portion of it, the company gets a portion of it. The CEO of a company will always make more then the new salesman. It doesn’t mean you’re not getting paid, it doesn’t mean you can’t go up the ranks. How much the salesman can make im many businesses is limited because you can’t promote any higher. With your direct sales and marketing, like It Works, you as high as you want to. As long as you’re willing to work you make money.  

Im so in loge, I’m trying the other products. One of the girls was doing the Hair Skin and Nails vitamins, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Twelve days and my hair’s grown almost an inch!! I often feel like nobody’s going to believe me so I take pictures all the time. I have evidence not just for them, but for me. This is actually happening, and it’s a real thing. I’m sure enough proof it’s happening, it’s real, and I’m getting absolutely crazy results.

 We are so programmed to be skeptical.  We are programmed to look for jobs as opposed to opportunities. I think that is the main issue with direct sales. I don’t get money just from people signing up to join my team.It’s not a pyramid like that. I don’t make any extra money until there’s successful too.  They have a business,  they are making money.  It’s not until that point that you even start to see any money from having a team. 

The craziest part is that as people are joining your team, you’re not even thinking about the fact that you’re going to make money. You want people to join your team because it’s changing your life, either by using the product, or the amount of money that you’re making just from sharing the product. You want other women you know, and your family and friends to listen.  You want to share and say, “this is working, I’m making money to feel good,” and you want to give them that opportunity. The money is a bonus. Anyway, I kind of got off track. 

I started my journey in March. When I started it I felt low. Just generally angry with life. Today I am financially stable and happy. (You’d be amazed what an extra 500 bucks a month does for your day-to-day life.) I have not only my confidence back, but an elevated confidence in what I’m able to achieve.  I’m doing a direct sales job and making money with it! 

I lost 35 pounds in 6 months that”s unheard of. Since doing this, the confidence that I have and seeing what I’m able to accomplish is astounding.  I even started and launched my Consulting business because I finally felt confident.  How crazy is that? That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a decade! 

I can’t convince everyone to try the products.I  can’t convince every one of the incredible opportunity, but I can share my story with it.I can at least tell you with 100% certainty that it’s worked for me in my life. 


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