Things they don’t tell you about weightloss

I have been on quite the weightloss journey the last few months. While I am elated that I am losing so much weight,  this process has had its own unintended consequences. 

1. Saggy bottoms and Slouch

Weight loss means lost inches, lost inches means clothes don’t fit. This should just make me grin ease to ear,  but it’s infuriating. I hate shopping, passionately, and aside from that is not budget friendly.  Instead, things just look bad and fit awkward. Looking slouchy and unkempt though really affects my budding confidence in my new self.  at least with more weight on I had clothes that fit and his the weight well.  This had meant a fair amount of stretchy fabric and hoodies to cover oddly fitting items. 

2. Not everyone is as happy about your weightloss as you are. 

Losing 30 pounds is a big accomplishment. When you lose 30 pounds as rapidly as I did, people are quick to jump to tons of conclusions. Things such as; drug use and starvation, health issues. They are skeptical of what you are doing and some will even say it’s not true or couldn’t possibly be that much.  

I have another group that routinely comments about how they liked me bigger. “You look good a little thicker, curvier. Your boobs got bigger, your butt got rounder” etc.. So in truth, I liked filling out a bit in the chest and the booty. As I have lost fat, I have naturally lost boobs and booty, which are fat stores.  The curves I gained didn’t make up for how I felt about my body.  Or how unhealthy I felt,  how out of breath I got playing with my kids, or the ever expanding pants I kept having to buy. losing weight has been for my better health. 

3. You may still hate what you see in the mirror. 

This piece right here.  This hasn’t been the craziest part of the whole journey and the most vulnerable by far. As a mother of two, I have stretch marks. Several had faded with time only to reappear as gained weight the last two years. some were strictly from the weight gain this most recent times.  (In January, before starting with ItWorks, I waited the most I had ever weighed including being pregnant) Rapid weight loss resulted in changed to my stretch marks. As I lost weight, the skin on my belly got looser and not as stretched. This made my stretch marks deeper and made them looks red or pink and some very angry. I had”new” stretch marks! On my belly, on my butt, and on my boobs all over again. Now I won’t say they were as bad as they were when I was pregnant,  but they are there. The healing and shrinking also makes my skin itch like crazy.  Wrapping after I lose an inch or two though has been Helfer immensrly to shrink the stetch marks faster as well as the defining gel.  (Still itchy with skin healing though). The stretch marks gave me something different to feel self conscious about.  Even as my tiny gets flatter, I feel apprehensive about showing off because my stretch marks.  I figure I’ll use our stretch mark cream to fade them and then just learn to accept what’s left.

  It’s still a journey and I’m still not where I want to be,  but I’m closer.  For now, I’ll celebrate the victories and try to shrug off my insecurities while I invert in some stretch pants and oversize sweaters.  (That’s in right now right?)


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