Stepping into Lent

Although I am not Catholic, I try my best to support my friends and family in their endeavors. May of my close friends are being Lent and asked me to join in. I thought well, okay why not. I am really pushing myself to commit to some big goals why not give myself a time line? She said I had to think of something that would be challenging, that would feel somewhat like sacrifice and suffering. So I thought about my favorite things. Pasta, Cinnamon rolls, Tortilla chips and Tacos. All bread. So I made the decision. No bread. No enriched white flour. (I have already heard how bad it is for you, here is a link if you haven’t Is White Flour Bad )

Today is Ash Wednesday. First day of Lent, and a day of fasting. (According to Fasting rules that means one full meal a day or two small meals). Although apprehensive about my abilities, I am kind of excited about the journey. Not only do I know that I will lose a chunk of weight cutting out bread, but I am excited to show myself that I can commit to something big and push myself.

I haven’t been sharing my updates with you guys lately but I am still losing roughly 2 pounds a week or at least staying level. Sadly though I had a yo-yo week and gained 8 back so I am back at 158, depressing. In addition to no white bread though, I also got a gym membership that I am beyond excited about. It is time for me to take control and get what I want!

Here is more about Lent if you would like to participate. What is Lent?


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