Famous Bowls Taste Like Shame

Earlier today, I told myself I was sick of being fat. Sick of feeling tired, feeling breathless after cleaning my house. I am sick of feeling like I hit a wall and won’t reach my target. I told myself that I would take the next major action step that I need to do in order to reach my next level.

Yet, here I sit at my desk with a KFC Famous Bowl feeling defeated and filling myself with a shame, in the delicious mash potato variety. I akfc_famous_bowl_03m writing this now with a revelation, and sadness, that I am the real reason I am fat. Each poor food choice on the go reinforces the choices that I am making. I am making the choice to be like this. Which means that I am making the choice to be heavy every day. This right here will be the key, I’m sure of it.

Losing weight is not easy, it’s not comfortable, or fun. Ya know what is easy? Fast food on my way to work, chocolate while I work at my desk, a bag of chips mindlessly eaten while I watch a movie before bed. It is easier to buy something every day than to plan my meals and bring my lunches. Not only that, it is always easier to sit on the couch after work then go on a walk, to take the elevator, not the stairs, to skip the push-ups and sit-ups for a book and a burrito.

17457636_362039700856467_1509235694009721208_nThe last few weeks, I tell myself. I’ll start next week. I’ll start on the 1st (that was the beginning of April, and again yesterday about the month of May). Why is today any different than next week? It’s not. I have to be different. Sitting here looking at my fast food lunch I’m making the choice not to eat the cookie that came with it. I am going to choose to eat a healthy dinner and do a 20-minute exercise tonight. When you feel the urge and the motivation, it is go time.  I need to change my in the moment choices to change my life habits.



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