In the spirit of the whole “New Year, New Me” idea. I’ve decided it is time to make some changes so I can be the person I want to be. One of those things is my weight and overall fitness level. I’m sick of constantly feeling tired, and unhappy with the person I see in the mirror. I hate checking myself when I stand up to see if my belly roll shows in a snugger shirt. ( I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way).

This page will be dedicated to sharing that journey with you guys as well as resources, tools, and ideas to help you reach your goals too! Now I am not suggesting anything crazy or complicated. Like the headline says, health is a habit. We are going to work on healthy habits and mindset transformations to help rewire how we think about our bodies and how we take care of them so they can take care of us.

Let’s make it happen!


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