Burn Body Fat with Water

Well like I said before, I do not like to exercise (or diet really) so finding things that claim to work without me really having to put any work in makes me super happy. So this week while trolling facebook I found a link to a fat burning water. Sounds reasonable enough so I am going to try it and see what happens. For those who would like to try it with me, I included it below. It claims we can lose 9 pounds in a week. Yep, fine with that number.

So I am going to make this tonight and let it sit then start drinking it Wednesday night at bedtime.


–         1 cucumber

–         8 cups of water

–         1 lemon

–         Mint leaves

–         Ginger root

Put 8 cups of water in a jar. Wash, cut and place the lemons and the cucumber into the jar. Cut the mint and also place it in the water. Peel, shred and place the ginger into the jar and finally cover them and place it in the refrigerator. Let it stay until the next day.

Weight loss Water


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