Weight Loss

Having seemed to hit a fat wall at 30 really did not do great things for me.  In my case I think it was a combination of things.  I switched from a very physical job to a desk job (gained 25 lbs almost immediately), I quit smoking  (15 lbs about) & my general metabolism slowed down. I also get spoiled by my husband and then confidence and comfort made me feel safe to eat what I wanted.
This combination has resulted in a 56 lbs weight increase within last two years. That is pretty rapid weight gain and the heaviest I’ve ever been (including my pregnancies). The first 25 pounds didn’t bug me too much, but this last 25 really did a number on my self esteem.
I have decided I have to make a change to get myself going on the right direction. I hate diet and excercise though, dilemma. I figure I will try a few things and look for path of least resistance and share what works for me.
Keep your eyes out.