Squat Challenge

Everybody has to have a day right? Well like I said in my blog earlier, today is my start day.  After work, I did some light exercise with little league team and then just now started the 30-day squat challenge.
I wasn’t going to, though. Matter of fact, I was in my bed playing games on my phone and trolling Facebook with a glass of wine when I thought about it  (only because another friend actually did hers). I thought,  “I’m already in bed, I exercised some with the boys today,  I don’t feel good,  I will start tomorrow. .” Blah, blah blah insert string of excuses I give myself.  Then thought,  if not today, when? So I got up, the glass of wine in hand,  took a sip and did 20 rigid and ugly looking squats. Then took another drink and added 20 sit-ups just to push myself. #likeaboss. Now I’m back in bed with my wine and phone but at least, I did something, right?


Update- April 11th did my day 6. 40 box squats. Not a fan but I did it. Baby steps right 🙂