Squats are Building my Butt, and My Team

Okay so as  I wrote in an earlier post, I decided I would take on the Squat Challenge because a close friend was rocking it. I did decent for awhile, then fell off and had to start over. Super lame. I gave up on the idea, much like the variety of other workout programs I have attempted in the past. Until last Friday. One of my coworkers in the back office mentioned they were doing a squat challenge and invited me to join. Normally these ladies don’t talk to me or include me anything. Due to this, I am hyper-willing to do anything  they ask because I want to be part of their clique. Anyhow… I thought they were doing the same beginner challenge I had been doing so I said yes. They called me back when it was time and we proceeded to the training room during lunch break. I asked how many we were doing and when they said 75 I gasped in horror. I remember how bad my legs hurt after 20…

Not wanting to show my weakness or leave the group I hunkered down and participated. We all laughed and had a good time. It was nice. They told me to make sure I was doing my squats over the weekend. That night at work my legs were sore. The next day though at our soccer game and throughout the day, my legs were in excruciating pain. So much so that I could not even rub them or touch them. Work that night was nearly unbearable. I had resigned to the fact there was no way I would be able to keep up and do these. Saturday I thought that if I could just do the assigned squats my legs wouldn’t hurt. Not so. They ached and burned and I couldn’t do the required 75 all at once. I did them though because I didn’t want to be a quitter once they finally invited me. Sunday night it was almost bed time and I was thinking about it. I was going to give up thinking the inclusion was not worth the pain. I shook it off though and did the 85 with my husband’s encouragement. Ya know what though, the next day my legs didn’t really hurt that bad.

Today when I went to the office we talked about squats s and our various fitness things and I felt like part of the group. I did my 100 squats today with minimal complaint. The way I see it, my ass is gonna look great by summer and having a shared strenuous activity with the team is making us closer. Winning all around.