It works- Round two

I am now into my second set of wraps. (Wrap 6 to be exact). This time, though I followed their recommendation about adding water, and I’m using their Fat Fighter supplement also  (helps curb appetite and binds to fat cells, good stuff).
Adding these helped speed up weight loss for sure. The first set, I was losing about 5 pounds a week. This time, I lost 7 pounds in first 3 days. I noticed no more pounds lost on day 4 but did lose another 1/2 off my waist. So still good. I feel great no weird sickness with Fat Fighter or jitters. Still eating the same as always. This is the lowest I have weighed in several years, and I am noticeably flattening out in the belly. I am nervous I might plateau here though (this weight got me stuck in the past too). I am contemplating adding light exercise, maybe walking, to my routine. We will see…